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Yin Yoga with Live Cello | Conrad Hamill + Emma Strembickyj

Sunday 26th May

Live Cello + Yin Yoga offers a unique opportunity to practice yin yoga, led by Happy Melon’s Emma Strembickyj, accompanied by live music by cellist and soundscape designer, Conrad Hamill.

Take this opportunity to hit pause on life’s busyness and immerse yourself in a blissful fusion of live cello melodies and the restorative practice of yoga.

Conrad’s journey from bringing the cello into his own yoga practice to now leading cello yogas across different cities speaks to the transformative power of music and its ability to connect us with our inner selves.

This 90-minute journey of Yin Yoga focuses on holding poses for longer durations to stretch the connective tissues, ease tension and invite deep relaxation into your nervous system. The live cello music, crafted uniquely for meditation, will serenade you, gradually softening your body and mind until you are fully present in the moment. Every note becomes a guide, syncing with your breath, inviting a profound reconnection to the self.

When: Sunday, 26 May | 1pm – 230pm
Where: High St Studio
Cost: Members $55 | Guests $60

Please note there are limited spots available.