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Studio Classes

Our studio is located in the heart of beautiful Armadale in Melbourne’s southeast and is truly a home-away-from-home. The space is fully equip with multiple state of the art studio spaces offering Yoga and Reformer Pilates classes, complete changing room and shower facilities, mat and towel service, plus a garden and tea station for your comfort and wellness. Press pause on your day and experience it for yourself.

Create a strong positive impact on your overall wellness and fall in love with the powerful combination of mindfulness and movement.

We can’t wait to meet you. To maximise your experience we recommend getting to 3+ classes a week.

LIVE Classes

We offer Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Meditation classes LIVE from 6am to 9pm every day. Join world class instructors and a community of like-minded movers. Create a strong positive impact on your overall wellness and fall in love with the powerful combination of mindfulness and movement.

Feel free to give us a try. To maximise your experience we recommend getting to 3+ classes a week.

Meet Our Instructors

Our world-class instructors are the backbone to our wellness experience. Each class feels like sitting down with an old friend. 

Our instructors delivered their classes with attention and compassion, offering individual guidance and movement options to make your experience the best it can be. This is their passion and they can’t wait to share it with you.

Get to know a little more about them. 

Corporate Wellness

We come to you, online or in the office with classes proven to improve workplace wellness. 

Wellness initiatives in corporate culture lead to a more mindful and productive workplace. Mindful employees make better decisions and have stronger interpersonal relationships, both of which have the profound effect on creating and sustaining a sense of community in the workplace.

“In order for staff to thrive and be high-performers they need to be physically and mentally strong.”

— Rebecca, Capability and Performance Manager, Swisse

Courses & Workshops

We’re always looking for an excuse to spend more time with you, so keep an eye out for our community events, mindfulness courses, trainings, workshops and more.

Become a Meditation Teacher
6-Week Meditation Teacher Training Intensive
Become a meditation teacher, expand your knowledge, learn from industry leaders.
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$3,750 (payment plan)

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What our clients are saying...

Daily pilates classes with Happy Melon have been a precious tonic for me for years. I never imagined the move to online classes would meet my needs, and even avoided getting on board in the early stages of our first lockdown. But boy am I glad I did!! I’m a daily participant once again, now on my mat in our spare bedroom, and I couldn’t start my day without Happy Melon. I love the variety of teachers and classes, camaraderie with other Melon Heads, and kick arse playlists. And on the off chance, I can’t join in, I love the flexibility of signing into a pre-corded class which is available 24/7. When the world gives you lemons, make Melonade! Thank you Happy Melon for being a must-have in my wellbeing toolkit.

- Sabina

The 6 week challenge was the perfect way to keep my body and mind in check in Melbourne’s challenging second lockdown. Seeing the team and smiling Melons everyday was such a highlight and I was supported and held! Thank you Happy Melon for adjusting so well to the climate and continuing to provide a warm and nourishing space for your members.

- Hannah

Happy Melon has definitely taught me a new perspective to life. Through all their amazing instructors, I have learnt to be calm and grounded and have become strong physically and mentally through all their classes. With these new tools I have found a sense of clarity and awareness in my life. Absolutely enjoying every second with Happy Melon.

- Winy

Sending you a huge thank you for the amazing job you have done with the classes. I have added mat pilates to my workout which I was not doing pre COVID. The classes have saved my sanity over a pretty dark winter in Melbourne. Keep up your great work.

- Jenee

Congratulations on all you and the HM team are doing for us-it is making a difference and what was originally so strange (Pilates at home via zoom) is now so normal and uplifting! I cant believe how adjusted I am to it.

- Lou

One good thing to come out of the moment is being able to have access to HM right now. I’m incredibly grateful for that!!! It will definitely help me stay as sane as possible.

- Sally