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Experience the difference. With a variety of classes across 4 disciplines both in-studio or online, you can always find the movement that's right for you. Classes are open to everyone and our expert team of instructors provide options for all levels of experience and ability.

  • Hot Power Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Fitness

Hot Power Pilates


We’re very excited to introduce our newest offering, Hot Power Pilates!

This class is the perfect combo of mat Pilates, bodyweight strength and cardio all rolled into one! The ultimate full-body workout performed in a heated room that will leave you feeling both sweaty and strong!
Length of class: 50min
Temperature of room: 26-28deg


20 + 25 + 45 Minutes

Beginners Meditation

This class is perfect for anyone who’s looking to start their meditation journey or looking to solidify their foundations. There will be room for questions and discussion as well as a 10-15min practice. This class is run as an online session via zoom on every Monday evening at 6:05pm.

Community Circle

Our Community Circles are a wonderful opportunity to meet others and discuss interesting topics. This session is run by our founder Simon and will be covering a different topic each month and will include a meditation practice. This is complimentary and will run on the first Wednesday of each month.

A seated meditation practice designed to connect individuals with a powerful mental clarity that exists within every person, but is often masked by a busy mind. This class will help students become more mindful, connected and self-aware. From beginners to experienced meditators, this class is suitable for all students.

Relaxation Meditation
A deeply restorative lying down practice designed to calm the nervous system. You will be fully supported with the use of bolsters, blankets, cushions and eye pillows to get you feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Students can expect to be guided through relaxing body scans, yoga nidra, breath work or simple mantras. Whether you need to unwind from the day, or recharge the mind and body, this class will help you switch off from the often hectic pace of life.


60 + 90 minutes

Yoga Flow
Happy Melon Flow is a fast and dynamic series of poses incorporating standing and floor balances. Designed for those with a more advanced practice, the class begins with a landing practice to still the mind before building quickly to increase cardiovascular activity, generate greater flexibility and build muscular strength and agility.

Practiced in a heated room to aid the detoxification process. Happy Melon Flow will challenge the body and clear the mind.
*Yoga Flow is practiced in a room heated to 26º. Please note temperature rises with movement and body heat.

Yoga Slow
Happy Melon Slow is a nurturing practice designed to awaken and lengthen major muscle groups whilst calming the mind. Integrating movement with breath develops greater body awareness, whilst depth and complexity are gradually added to each posture to build an energising and strengthening sequence.

This class is designed for those who are newer to yoga or prefer a slower flow.
*Yoga Slow is practiced in a warm room to support circulation and aid movement.

Rocket Yoga
Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga. It is a modified version of Ashtanga Yoga, designed to be more inclusive and offer options for every practitioner from beginners to very advanced.

*Rocket Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 26º. Please note temperature rises with movement and body heat.

Yin Yoga
Happy Melon Yin is a restorative and meditative practice that nurtures the body and deepens mental and physical strength. Moving slowly, poses are held for longer periods than in a typical yoga class. Students are encouraged to focus deep within the body, engaging with and noticing different sensations that arise.

Incorporating the use of bolsters, blocks and blankets to create a deeply relaxing and comfortable environment, Yin is recommended for any level of practice and should be integrated into the routine of all yoga students. It is suitable for those who may be recovering from physical injury or those who require mental detoxification due to stress and anxiety.
*Yin is practiced at a comfortable room temperature.



50 + 60 Minutes

Reformer Slow
Designed for those who like to work at a slower pace with control and precision. Perfect for those new to Reformer Pilates or looking to fine-tune their technique. This class is enough of a workout to get your endorphins flowing but with more detailed instruction due to the slower pace.

*Suitable for recovering injuries and postnatal clients.

Reformer Flow
Building on the foundations established in Slow classes, you will flow through a more challenging series of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body, improve posture and prevent injury.

*Not suitable for those with injuries or during pregnancy.

Reformer Jumpboard
This is a strong, challenging and fun class with a higher cardio content. Perfect for students wanting to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength.

*Not suitable for those with injuries, heart conditions or during pregnancy.


50 Minutes

HIIT (Fitness)
Build endurance, power and speed in a fun environment designed to enhance your overall cardiovascular health. HIIT uses minimal equipment by incorporating body weight movements and cardio machines – Be prepared to experience the post HIIT endorphins! Awesome tunes, a huge variety of exercises and the electric energy will leave you buzzing all day. All fitness levels welcome.

STRENGTH (Fitness)
Feel stronger, better and more confident with STRENGTH. This program encompasses progressive overload principles, designed to build strength, assist with injury prevention and build lean muscle mass. You can join class at any time and all levels are welcome!
Get ready to sweat, overcome obstacles, and elevate your fitness to a whole new level.
FUSION (Fitness)
A blend of HIIT and Strength! Combining strength movements with bursts of cardio- FUSION is the perfect hybrid class designed to get the heart rate up whilst building strength and muscular endurance. Lower weights, higher reps, body weight movements and cardio machines- get leaner, stronger and fitter!

Partnering up with other members in the class, you will punch, kick and sweat your way to the finish line. Think straight punches, upper cuts, and lots of fun combo’s combined with the perfect match of bodyweight exercises to get your heart rate firing higher than you’ll know! This class is even more fun with a buddy, so bring along a friend and build your fitness in the most energetic class you will find. All boxing gloves, pads and inners are provided and sanitised. Guests are also welcome to BYO boxing gloves.