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Recovery FAQs

Where is your Traditional Sauna?

Our traditional sauna is located in our High Street Studio courtyard.

We recommend allowing plenty of time to park. Parking is available on Willis Street or High Street – Please be aware of Tow Away Zones.

To make the most of your session, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your booking.

Do you do walk-ins or do I need to book?

We kindly ask that you check our schedule here to book in, so we can prepare for your arrival.

Our traditional sauna is available for communal and private bookings. Don’t see a time that suits? Email us here and we’re happy to accommodate!

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing your water bottle, bathers + slip on shoes.

Make sure you are super hydrated before your sauna session to reap all the benefits.

We will provide complimentary towels, for the sauna and shower.

For an additional $5 charge you can hire a robe.

What should I wear?

Our Traditional Sauna is a communal space, please wear your swimmers. If you are more comfortable in activewear we would recommend shorts and a singlet.

As Traditional Saunas are meant to make you sweat, please bring an extra set of clothes to change into.


If you fall under any of the below contraindications, you will have to sit this one out;


High Blood pressure, Heart failure, Angina


If you’re uncertain, please check with your medical professional for clearance before using our Saunas.

Can children attend your Saunas?

Unfortunately with the high temperatures children under the age of 16 cannot attend our saunas.

How long is my session?

Our sauna sessions go for 45 minutes.

Our temperatures set at 60 – 80, we recommend listening to your body and popping in and out of the sauna throughout this time.

Our Compression Therapy sessions go for 30 minutes.

Can I bring a friend?

Bring one, two or five friends!  Our Traditional Sauna fits up to 6 people.  Communal bookings are for up to 5 people, Private bookings are up to 6 people.

Pricing is available here and book your spot here.

How many times a week should I have a sauna to see benefits?

We recommend 2 – 3 sessions per week.

Are you getting an Ice Bath?

Whilst our Ice Bath is in the works we recommend using our beautiful bathroom facilities for a cool shower after your session. Towels are available from reception