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Women’s Health + Exercise

Friday 2nd August

with  Gab Petterwood

Join Gabs for an evening exploring women’s health and exercise.

This workshop will provide an evidence based understanding of the female body. Together we will explore how we can use exercise as a celebration of our bodies, rather than punishment, and how we can move to feel our best.

Topics covered include:

The Female cycle and exercise

Perimenopause and menopause

Bone health/hormone changes in aging

Core/neutral spine and pelvic floor

We will discuss ways exercise can improve each area, how to maximise your training routine and how to get the best results working WITH our body, rather than against it.

“I am so excited to give you the tools to feel empowered when you exercise, it’s amazing how good you can truly begin to feel – at any stage of your journey!”

– Gabs

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing as the core/pelvic floor segment has a small movement component – no experience required.

When: Friday, August 2nd | 730pm – 9pm
Where: High St Studio
Investment: Accessible Community Pricing just $15pp
Tea + Snacks provided

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