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Why Cardio And Strength Training Is So Good For You!

Friday 4th June

Just 30 minutes a day! That’s all it takes to get your heart rate up to reap the wonderful benefits of aerobic exercise. Increasing your heart rate just a couple of times a week with a HIIT or Cardiobox class is enough to build up your cardiovascular fitness to greatly improve your health. Regular aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, while improving blood cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity and blood pressure.

Don’t forget about Strength training either! Building bone density, particularly as we age, is a key perk of resistance exercise. Repeated movements with added weight builds lean muscle, burns fat and also builds important neuromuscular¬†pathways between your brain and muscle groups. You’ll feel stronger, more flexible and more mobile completing every day tasks while importantly¬†reducing your risk of injury.

Research into the mental benefits of cardio training on your body continues to prove that exercise really is the best medicine. Multiple studies have shown exercise improves overall mood, energy levels, quality of sleep, memory and work productivity. Depression, anxiety and stress are some of the mental disorders that are positively affected by regular aerobic exercise. Even if you’re not suffering from a mental health problem, engaging in adequate physical activity is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial!