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Top Tips For Waitlists, No-Shows & Late Cancellations

Sunday 28th January

Hey Melon,

As the studio gets busier, we thought it would be a great time to share our top tips on our waitlists and late cancellation policy to help you get into your favourite classes.

Please also familiarise yourself with our class cancellation terms & conditions to ensure there are no surprises.


Our waitlists move quickly so please don’t be deterred from booking if the class looks full as there’s a good chance you’ll make it in!

The waitlist moves especially quickly in the evenings and overnight, so if you are on a waitlist and not planning to attend the class in the morning, please remove yourself prior to going to sleep to avoid being added overnight. Think of a waitlisted class being a booked class – this will hopefully avoid you being added during the night, not waking up in time and risking a no-show fee.

If you choose to stay waitlisted in hopes of attending the class, please give yourself some extra time in the morning to check to see if you’ve been added into the class.

Secret Tip: Our system has a lock out period of 2 hours before each class. This means that if someone late cancels (within 2 hours of the class), a spot in the class will open up. So even if you’re on the waitlist, you won’t be added last minute but you will be able to book into the class.

Enabling & Replying to Text Messages: The best way to ensure you’re notified of coming off a waitlist is by receiving a text message when you’re added into the class. All you need to do is reply Y if you’d like to accept the spot or N if you no longer can attend. Please note, once you are added to a class, the spot is yours even if we don’t hear from you, therefore if you don’t respond and don’t attend, you will risk a no-show fee. Please see below for details on how to switch this feature on.


If you receive a no-show email incorrectly and did in fact attend the class, please kindly respond back and we’ll sign you in, avoiding the no show fee. If we don’t hear from you, please note the fee will automatically be deducted from your stored payment method.

We also need your help! If you’re running slightly late to class and miss check-in, that’s no problem. Please just let the teacher or Front of House member know afterwards so they can sign you in. 


We always encourage you to join a waitlist if a class is full. In order to be able to accept your spot in the class, you must opt-in for text message notifications and reply to text messages to confirm your attendance. If we do not receive a confirmation reply, we cannot ensure a spot will be held for you.To make sure you are receiving notifications from us about late cancels or no shows, check your notification settings on your account as shown below, or simply respond to this email and we’ll add that text message feature to your account.

Updating Your Notification Settings on our Website:

  • Go to Account > Account Info > Scroll to ‘What Do You Want To Hear About’ > select Text Message for Notifications.