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The Mindful Attitude of Kindness

Wednesday 20th January

Learn about the Mindful Attitude of the Kindness to help support your formal (meditation) and informal (day to day) practice of mindfulness. Bring this attitude into practice and navigate life with a greater degree of clarity, calm and connection.

Use the attitude to guide your formal meditation practice, or as an informal reminder throughout your day to come back to the present moment. Find ways to incorporate these mindful attitudes in discussion with your family, or those close to you and practice them in communication with others both at work and at home.

The Mindful Attitude of Kindness


There is no better antidote to the uncertainty and anxiety many of us are currently facing than kindness. When we are kind and compassionate, we are recognizing our shared human condition and this can guide us in everything we do.

Aesop, the ancient Greek storyteller, once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Random acts of kindness towards people in our lives, whether it be our loved ones, our neighbours or a stranger on the street can have an incredible impact on the way we feel and even on our ability to be kind to ourselves. Research shows that when we are kind, oxytocin, the chemical responsible for feelings of connection, love and intimacy is released in the brain. The more of this chemical we produce, the happier we feel. Notice next time you are kind, whether with words or actions and see if you feel lighter, calmer and more at peace. Begin to become aware of the ways in which this kindness ‘boomerangs’ back, creating more connection with the world around you.

Below are some resources on Kindness compiled by the Happy Melon Team to be shared with you. Enjoy listening, reading and watching. Stay connected and let us know what you loved, or share your own resources with us in return!


A Random Act of Kindness

This video was shared with one of our team members by her 6 year old daughter. A true reminder of the power of kindness and the way it can help us all, both big and small, to connect. 

Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.

Watch the moving video here.


Simon Sinek on the Power of Kindness

Kindness and acts of generosity create positive chemical reactions in our brain.

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. He teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people, with the goal that each and every one of us deserves to wake up every single day feeling inspired, safe, and fulfilled.

Listen to him speak on kindness here. 


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

A book for hope in uncertain times.

This charming and poignant book by Charlie Mackesy follows a Boy, a Mole, a Fox, and a Horse through friendship as they share their fears, joys, hopes and dreams. These beloved characters offer a glimpse into a childlike sense of wonder and the universal lessons we can all use a little reminding of sometimes. 

Hear it read aloud here.


6-Minute Kindess Workout

Our Fitness Lead Meribel shares her mini midday pick-me-up workout.

Sometimes a short dose of kindness to yourself is all it takes to cultivate a happy mood and mindset. Here is a short circuit I encourage you to do if you have been sitting down for a long period or a feeling a bit flat. Please change the reps or the exercises as you like, it is all about being kind to your body and making you feel GREAT!”

20 secs star jumps, 10 sec rest
20 secs squats, 10 sec rest
20 secs ab cycles, 10 sec rest
20 secs reverse lunges, 10 secs rest
20 secs crunches, 10 secs rest
20 secs push ups, 10 secs rest

Repeat twice, smile and share with your friends!


The Kind World Podcast

Kind World is a show about how a single act of kindness can change someone’s life. In each episode, hosts and reporters Yasmin Amer and Andrea Asuaje search the world for good news stories that will restore your faith in humanity. You can’t go wrong with any of these brief and poignant episodes.

Pop an episode on when you need a little reminder of all that is good in the world.

Listen here


38 Years, 38 Acts of Kindness

When Botlhale Tshetlo turned 38, she carried out a list of 38 random acts of kindness as her way of giving back and giving thanks. 

She describes these random acts of kindness as giving away little happy pieces of herself to those who need it. It’s her small contribution to the world. She gave gifts, she donated her organs, she gave her time, she spoke words of kindnessand love to strangers she passed every day. 

Listen to her TedTalk here.


The Three Gates of Speech

This ancient poem, commonly credited to the 13th-century Persian poet and Islamic scholar Rumi is a wonderful and simple reminder of the power of our words.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:
At the first gate, ask yourself “Is is true?”
At the second gate ask, “Is it necessary?”
At the third gate ask, “Is it kind?”

– Rumi


The Heart and Science of Kindness

This article from the Harvard Medical School Health Blog is a wonderful reminder of the many ways we can practice kindness in our lives; both towards ourselves and towards others.

Kindness begets kindness and literally changes the chemical make-up of our brains and a small act of kindness towards another can have ripple effects that last a lifetime. In a time like the one we are currently in, kindness can be both our power and our salvation.

Read the full article here.


Community is Kindness

You may have seen these billboards around the city back in April. This empowering and positive message from UK design studio Jack Arts was a little ray of hope plastered in our neighbourhoods back then and it is just the reminder we need now.

Coming together, supporting one another and holding each other up with kindness and compassion is the most powerful tool we have. These posters are available for download here.Print them up and post them in your window or on your front fence.

We’re all in this together. 


Loving Kindness Meditation

Finally, we share this beautiful heart connection, kindness and gratitude meditation from the lovely Sacha Stewart.

This simple meditation is a wonderful way to ensure you are set up to practice kindnesstowards yourself and others as you move through your day.

Listen here


Move and meditate with us in-studio and online to continue cultivating the mindful attitude of kindness. Book a class here.