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Tea Ceremony + Meditation | Zoe Kanat – RESCHEDULED

Thursday 20th June

This event is being rescheduled. Please email hello@happymelon.com.au for more information on the next date.

You are invited to join Zoe Kanat in a transformative Tea Ceremony meditation and ritual.

“For as long as I can remember, tea has been a soothing balm in my life, shared with my family and friends.  It was a cherished gift before school in the early morning, a gentle time-out in the afternoon, and a soft kiss sending me off to bed at night.

Tea has always been more than a beverage; it is a meeting place, a time of rest, and a comforting space to lean on when life feels overwhelming.

Today, I have woven my ancestral ritual of tea sharing with the ancient practice of serving tea as a meditation, honouring traditions from diverse cultures around the world. This ceremony invites you to step into a space of mindfulness, tranquility, and connection.”

Be prepared to explore the art of being present, embracing silence, and finding peace in simplicity. The act of preparing and enjoying tea becomes a meditation, a dance of stillness and awareness that transcends everyday distractions.

An experience allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment. Through the gentle process of brewing and sipping tea, you will discover a profound sense of calm, clarity, and rejuvenation.

Join Zoe in this sacred ritual and allow the ancient wisdom of tea to guide you to a place of inner peace and harmony. Together, we will create a sanctuary of serenity and presence, honouring the timeless tradition of tea as a path to mindfulness and well-being.

When: Thursday, 20 June | 7pm – 8pm
Where: High St, Meditation Studio
Cost: Members $45 | Guests $50

Please note this is an intimate experience with only 10 spots available.