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Sound Healing and Breathwork

Friday 26th July

A Soulchemy Experience

with  Tanya Ali-Jani

A Visceral Experience of Transformation and Connection.

Soulchemy is the art and science of inner transformation, harnessing various practices and modalities to transmute emotional and energetic blockages, transforming and elevating the soul so we can live more heart centred lives.

Join us for a transformative journey through the sacred practices of Activating Breathwork and Sound Healing. This workshop is designed to help you connect with your authentic self, to harmonise the body and mind, release stagnant energy, and awaken you to your true essence and potential as the co creator of your life.


What to bring/How to prepare:

To optimise your experience, please:

Eat lightly an hour or two before the session.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing or yoga attire—whatever makes you feel most relaxed.

Bring a bottle of water to hydrate afterward, especially as we will be working primarily with Breath & Sound, which affects the energy body (detoxing).

Bring a journal for the end of the session, or to set your intention before we begin.

Eye shades if you like.

Most importantly, be open to receive, explore, experience, and enjoy.

When: Friday, July 26th | 630pm – 8pm
Where: High St Studio
Cost: Members $55 | Guests $60

Please note there VERY limited spots available, get in quick.