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Restoring Balance: A Daring to Rest 21 Day Program For Women

Sunday 24th May

Restoring Balance: A Daring to Rest 21 Day Program For Women


Tired? Stressed? Not Sleeping? There’s a remedy for that. ‘Imagine a well-rested you.’

This 3 week program is based on Karen Brody’s book, Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation. Getting deep rest has the power to heal many of our modern stress-fuelled ailments. For 21 days we’ll journey from worn out to well-rested using a modern version of an ancient yogic sleep tool known at Yoga Nidra meditation. It looks just like a nap! The results are phenomenal, from helping you sleep better, to reducing anxiety and feeling grounded, energised and clear.


What’s included:

• 3 sessions where we will meet, learn and practice the art of rest and relaxation via the method of Yoga Nidra
• A program workbook
• Additional practices from the book Daring to Rest
• Receive guided Yoga Nidra recordings based on the 3 stages of the program: rest, release & rise, for you to practice during the week in-between sessions
• A rest cave guide
• Complimentary 3 week meditation membership to HM LIVE for the duration of the course
• Gathering/closing session following completion of the program


What to bring:

*Journal to write in
* Comfortable clothing
* Props for practicing Yoga Nidra – Pillow for your head and under your knees, a blanket and an eye mask or eye pillow to cover your eyes.


Sunday May 24, 31 and June 7, 2:30pm – 4pm




What other participants have said about this program with Zoe:

“I feel that I have discovered a new secret weapon to help me deal with all the challenges of everyday life, I love that it touches you on such a deep level and that it feels so healing”
— Holly Shergold

“Thank you, Zoe, much appreciated. I loved the practice, connection with others and your generosity the most during the Daring to Rest 21-day program”
— Sam Ludolf

“Thank you so much for putting on this course, it was run at the most perfect time in relation to the things going on in my world, contrasting it with this intense rest really got me through”
— Mel Henderson