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Offers To Class Pass Users

Monday 3rd June

Dear ClassPass users,

We have loved welcoming you into our community over the years and would love to continue to support your wellness journey. While we totally appreciate attending via ClassPass may be a convenient and more cost effective way of attending our studio, it unfortunately doesn’t work for a small business like ours as we only receive a portion of what you pay. Due to this, we ask when possible, to please purchase through Happy Melon as this helps support our teachers and ability to continue to provide a high level of service, which we are incredibly committed to offering.

We also know there is real benefit of consistency and routine which is why we’d love to help you find this with us. We have all your movement and meditation needs covered and have three options for your to continue to practice with us:

This intro offer is usually only available to new clients but if you have previously only attended via ClassPass, we’re more than happy to extend this to you so you can try everything we have to offer. Simply click on the link below and we will set it up for you.

Click here to sign up to this offer!


We have a fantastic challenge starting this coming Monday. It gives you full access to all of our classes + a one in two chance of winning a stunning swimsuit from Left On Friday + the change to win amazing prizes! Please scroll down for more information.

Click here for all the info and to sign up!



We’re offering Thank You Class packs at $20/class.
If you purchase one, you’ll automatically lock in the $20/class rate for 6 Months.

Click here to purchase a Thank You Pack

We also want to remove the financial barrier to prioritising your health and wellbeing where possible, so if you are facing financial challenges, please let us know and we’re happy to chat confidentially to find a solution that works for you.