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Sports Performance Coaching

Research suggests that consistent mindfulness practice in athletes can create a significant increase in state mindfulness and trait awareness and decrease sport related worry, personal standard perfectionism and self criticism.

Happy Melon has developed a highly specialised and tailored sport-specific training program, co-ordinated by Senior Instructor and Sports Training Specialist Lucie Pinto in order to help both professional and student athletes achieved greater performance and mental clarity in their sport.

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  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Training


Experience the benefits of a personalised yoga and Pilates practice to boost your teams performance on and off the field. This ongoing program is designed to progress individual athletes and teams to a better state of performance over time by building sport-specific skills and training mindfulness techniques to improve performance.

Work with our Yoga and Pilates teachers to create a week-by-week program specific to the needs of your teams training regime and goals. 

Specialising in programs for athletes, rowing crews, football & soccer clubs, swimming groups and netball teams, you can expect sports performance enhancement through:
– Private classes for your team (weekly or bi-weekly)
– A unique program to strengthen, tone and balance key areas in the body specific to your sport
– Stretches and  techniques to relieve tightness and tension
– Focus on prevention and recovery
– Mindfulness based techniques for optimal mental performance on and off the field

These programs are designed for middle school and senior school sports teams.


Workshops can be fully tailored to meet team and athlete specific needs and usually run for 1.5-2hrs. Below is an example outline of what our team workshop structure looks like:



A class focused on posture and ideal alignment for sport specific patterning and gait mechanics. A challenging workout tailored to support and strengthen the muscles of the torso, shoulders, hips, and ankles to build strength and awareness where athletes need it most. 



We will move to the mat for a guided meditation beginning with a simple body scan and landing practice and then into an exploration of sport specific visualisation.

15 mins


Your team put their new awareness to the test with a mindful, skills based, sport specific training lab.



Utilise our fully equip studio space; projector, mats and props, tea and optional snacks/refreshments to run your own team building workshop, or utilise our in-house experts for resources and further education.


These programs are designed for professional athletes and sports clubs as well as ambassador programs.

1:1 Training

Work 1:1 with our program lead, Lucie Pinto to establish a strong foundation of strength and cultivate a mindfulness practice for improved sport specific performance.

1:1 training is completely tailored to the athletes needs and undertaken in close collaboration with team coaches,  trainers, and parents. We work closely with each athlete to ensure that the training program results in improved sport performance, greater mental clarity, and that participants come aware with a strong mindfulness practice to help them maintain calm in the face of high level training pressures.

These programs are designed for professional as well as school age athletes.


Lucie is a certified Equipment Pilates and Yoga instructor. She holds a specialist certificate in training for athletes, having completed courses in advanced functional anatomy, gait analysis, breathing mechanics, foot and ankle mechanics and many more. She has trained athletes such as runners, golfers, swimmers and skiiers through focused coaching on mechanics and protocols. She has also worked and trained extensively in post rehabilitative exercise for injury recovery and prevention. Lucie provides a unique training style, which blends performance analysis and skill specific coaching to develop athletes abilities, improve their endurance and challenge handedness and unilateral sport specific imbalances. 

Lucie‘s specialized coaching is an excellent addition to team training, blending strong exercise mechanic training with meditation and mindfulness.