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Pilates Classes

Strengthen, lengthen, align, refine. Our small-group Reformer Pilates classes are the perfect complement to any fitness routine. Run by experienced instructors with a strong focus on the mind-body connection, all classes begin with a brief landing practice to still the mind before integrating movement to challenge your limits, strengthen your body and work with hard-to-reach muscle groups.

  • Reformer Slow (Lv 1)
  • Reformer Flow (Lv 2)
  • Jumpboard Pilates
  • Pilates Circuit
  • Pre + Post Natal Pilates

Reformer Slow (Lv 1)

60 minutes

Designed for those who like to work at a slower pace with control and precision. Perfect for those new to Reformer Pilates or looking to fine-tune their technique. This class is enough of a workout to get your endorphins flowing but with more detailed instruction due to the slower pace.

*Suitable for recovering injuries and postnatal clients.

Reformer Flow (Lv 2)

60 minutes

Building on the foundations established in Lv 1 classes, you will flow through a more challenging series of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body, improve posture and prevent injury.

*Not suitable for those with injuries or during pregnancy.

Jumpboard Pilates

60 minutes

Building on from Reformer Flow (Lv 2) and a perfect complement to Dynamic Fitness, this is a strong, challenging and fun class with a higher cardio content. Perfect for students wanting to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength.

*Not suitable for those with injuries, heart conditions or during pregnancy.

Pilates Circuit

60 minutes

Happy Melon Circuit classes are designed to work all areas of the body and will include cardio, strength, balance, control and alignment. You will perform a different exercise on each machine to keep things interesting and fun.

Pre + Post Natal Pilates

60 minutes

A class for those at any stage of pregnancy run by experienced perinatal Pilates instructors. An evidence based class with safe exercises focusing on specific pelvic floor strengthening, as well as whole body strengthening for pregnancy, labour and beyond.

*Must be cleared by GP for exercise.

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