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Meditation Classes

Meditation and Mindfulness combines to form the foundation of Happy Melon. We believe these simple techniques, when practiced daily, have the power to transform our mental and physical wellbeing and positively impact the wider community.

Join us for our daily meditation classes to improve focus, enhance clarity, increase connectivity and reduce stress.

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Deepen Your Practice


25 + 45 minutes

A seated meditation practice designed to connect individuals with a powerful mental clarity that exists within every person, but is often masked by a busy mind. This class will help students become more mindful, connected and self-aware. From beginners to experienced meditators, this class is suitable for all students.

Relaxation Meditation

45 minutes

A deeply restorative lying down practice designed to calm the nervous system. You will be fully supported with the use of bolsters, blankets, cushions and eye pillows to get you feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Students can expect to be guided through relaxing body scans, yoga nidra, breath work or simple mantras. Whether you need to unwind from the day, or recharge the mind and body, this class will help you switch off from the often hectic pace of life.

Deepen Your Practice

60 minutes

This class offers an opportunity for members with an established meditation practice to deepen their understanding of what meditation is, and how it can transform the way in which we view ourselves and interact with the world around us. As well as learning advanced methods for stilling the mind and applying it to deep enquiry members will be given time for discussion to further integrate their practice into daily life. 

Class runs Thursdays at 9:30am. Some meditation experience is required.

Continue deepening your practice with our regular workshops and events. Click here to find out more.