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Fitness Classes

Craving some yang for your yin? No problems. Happy Melon’s small-group fitness classes are a fun, not-too-serious way to work up a sweat. With a range of circuit, boxing and strength-based classes, our trainers will challenge your limits whilst adjusting exercises to cater to individual needs. Beginning with a landing practice to still the mind, our trainers will then get you moving whilst providing options for all fitness levels and abilities. We encourage everyone to realise their body's full potential.

  • HIIT
  • Strength Fusion
  • Cardiobox
  • Dynamic CardioBox


50 minutes

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is designed to get you working at 100% effort in short work periods. Think quick, fast bodyweight exercises formed in a circuit to get your heart rate pumping, interspersed with short rest intervals for recovery. HIIT is scientifically renowned for targeting the aerobic system and is the most efficient way to improve cardiovascular fitness – no matter your standard. Awesome tunes, a huge variety of exercises and the electric energy will leave you buzzing all day. All fitness levels welcome.

Strength Fusion

50 minutes

Combining weighted movements to improve strength with cardio exercises to target the aerobic system aims to build your endurance for the ultimate full body workout. Strength Fusion will include circuits involving kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX ropes and resistance bands to help build and tone your muscles as well as importantly increase bone strength. And because we all LOVE to sweat, the cardio component of this class will test those burning muscles to keep on firing as you build endurance through quick, explosive movements. All fitness levels welcome. We have a variety of weights to accommodate any injuries and fitness standards.


50 minutes

If you’ve heard the rumble and laughs throughout the studio when a boxing class is on at Happy Melon, you will know how loved our Cardiobox sessions are. Partnering up with other members in the class, you will punch, kick and sweat your way to the finish line. Think straight punches, upper cuts, and lots of fun combo’s combined with the perfect match of bodyweight exercises to get your heart rate firing higher than you’ll know! This very popular class is even more fun with a buddy, so bring along a friend and build your fitness in the most energetic class you will find. All boxing gloves, pads and inners are provided and sanitised. Guests are also welcome to BYO boxing gloves.

Dynamic CardioBox

60 minutes

Happy Melon CardioBox is designed to get you moving, raise your heart rate and leave you on an endorphin high. You will work with fast punches, fun sequences and cardio intervals for a full body workout. Time will fly by.

All equipment provided.

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