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Fitness Classes

Craving some yang for your yin? No problems. Happy Melon’s small-group fitness classes are a fun, not-too-serious way to work up a sweat. With a range of circuit, boxing and strength-based classes, our trainers will challenge your limits whilst adjusting exercises to cater to individual needs. Beginning with a landing practice to still the mind, our trainers will then get you moving whilst providing options for all fitness levels and abilities. We encourage everyone to realise their body's full potential.

  • Dynamic Fitness
  • Dynamic Strength + Tone
  • Dynamic Boxing
  • Dynamic CardioBox

Dynamic Fitness

60 minutes

This is a fun, circuit-based, small-group class focusing on strength and cardio fitness. Using functional movements and modern equipment to work up a sweat, you will get a serious full-body workout whilst invigorating the mind.

Dynamic Strength + Tone

60 minutes

Strength + Tone is a slower paced class designed to do exactly that. Think lean muscle, increased definition and slower, controlled movements for high energy and expenditure. This is the perfect class to complement your weekly routine.

Dynamic Boxing

60 minutes

Dynamic Boxing is a high-energy session using boxing techniques and sequences to aid cardio vascular fitness and tone the entire body. Appropriate for new and experienced boxers, our instructors will teach you the foundations and technique to get you punching like a pro in no time.

All equipment provided.

Dynamic CardioBox

60 minutes

Happy Melon CardioBox is designed to get you moving, raise your heart rate and leave you on an endorphin high. You will work with fast punches, fun sequences and cardio intervals for a full body workout. Time will fly by.

All equipment provided.

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